The best preparation for developing dashboards and real-time insights with Incorta.

Optimize With Business Insights

Relevant and rigorous training

Our business user and analyst course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and techniques necessary to rapidly load data, build dashboards, and produce immediate insights using Incorta.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Hands-on, project-based learning

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive project-based labs, students will master Incorta key concepts, terminology and topics for on the job success.

Knowledge is Your Power

Audience prerequisites

This course requires student experience with data analysis. We recommend that students have familiarity with spreadsheet calculations and visualizations.

Analytic Leaders and Data Heroes Unite!

Professional certification for your LinkedIn profile

Incorta Certification establishes your leadership credentials and validates your superhero status.

You can achieve Incorta certification by completing this course and by passing a certification exam. With a few clicks, you can easily add your digital certificate to your LinkedIn profiles.


Course modules

  • 1

    Details and Downloads

    • Welcome

    • Pre-training Assessment

    • BYOL and Software Requirements

    • On-Demand Student Environments

  • 2

    Guided Walkthrough

    • Architecture Overview

    • Guided Tour

  • 3

    The Complete Incorta Interface

    • Introduction to the Analytics Service Web UI

  • 4

    The Data Load Process

    • Building Schemas and Loading Data

  • 5

    Building Data-Driven Insights

    • Dashboard Creation Process

    • Insights and Visualizations

    • Settings and Properties

  • 6

    Creating Calculations and Formulae

    • Formula Builder

    • Formula Overview

    • Insight Formulas

    • Schema Formulas

  • 7

    Filters, Prompts, and Variables

    • Filters Overview

    • Dashboard Prompts

    • Dashboard Applied Filters

    • Dashboard Presentation Variables

    • System Variables

    • Session Variables

    • 4.5 LAB: US States Analysis

  • 8

    Hands-on Incorta Insights Case Study

    • Case Study: TBC Beverage Company