The best preparation for building an end-to-end, analytical warehouse solution with real-time insights.

Decision Tech for Business Growth

Relevant and rigorous training

Our administrator and developer course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and techniques necessary to rapidly load data, build dashboards, and produce immediate insights using Incorta.

Experience Builds Confidence

Hands-on, project-based learning

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive project-based labs, students will master Incorta key concepts, terminology and topics for on the job success.

Superheroes Wanted!

Audience prerequisites

Designed to serve the learning goals of data warehouse administrators, database developers, and application programmers, this course requires experience with structured data, relational database systems, SQL, and shell scripting.

Although not required, we recommend that students have familiarity with a modern programming language such as Python.

Data Warriors, Champions, and Visionaries

Professional certification for stardom

Incorta Certification establishes your leadership credentials and validates your expertise.

You can achieve Incorta certification by completing this course and by passing a certification exam. With a few clicks, you can easily add your digital certificate to your LinkedIn profiles.


Course modules

  • 1

    Details and Downloads

    • Software Requirements
    • Student Downloads
    • Verify Access
  • 2

    Architecture Fundamentals

    • Hyperconverged Architecture
    • Direct Data Mapping™
    • Commodity Hardware
    • Agile Analytics
    • SQL Interface
  • 3

    The Complete Incorta Interface

    • Content
    • Scheduler
    • Business Schema
    • Schema
    • Data
    • Security
  • 4

    Building Schemas and Loading Data

    • Data Sources and Data Files
    • Schemas
    • Schema Wizard
    • Adding Tables
    • Creating Joins
    • Loading Data
  • 5

    Creating Calculations and Formulae

    • Formula Columns
    • Formulae Builder
    • Merge Categories
    • Formula: Customer Age Bucket
    • Formula: Revenue by Age Group
    • Merge Categories with Join
    • Business Schemas
  • 6

    Building Data-Driven Insights

    • Dashboard Creation
    • Insight Types
    • Measures & Dimensions
    • Dimensions
    • Settings
    • Data Filters
    • Bookmarks
  • 7

    Filters, Prompts, and Variables

    • Filters
    • First/Last Version Filter Scenario
    • LAB: Employee's Last Salary
    • Prompts
    • Presentation Variables
    • Presentation Variables Use Case
    • Presentation Variable and Filter Use Case
    • LAB: Actual vs Budget with Presentation Variables
  • 8


    • Hierarchies
  • 9

    Base Tables and Aliases

    • Base Table
    • Showing Average
    • Advanced Joins
    • Base Table
    • LAB: Join Types
    • Table Alias
  • 10

    Hands-on Incorta Build Case Study

    • Case Study: TBC Beverage Company