Video Learning

Easy access to on-demand video learning that covers everything a business user needs to practice agile analytics

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    About Incorta Basics for Business Users

    • Welcome

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    Content Manager

    • Content Manager: Find a Dashboard

    • Content Manager: Switch between views

    • Content Manager: Organize your Content

    • Content Manager: Favorite a Dashboard

    • Content Manager: Play your favorites

    • Additional Resources

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    Working with dashboards

    • Dashboard: Focus on Insights

    • Dashboard: Print an insight

    • Dashboard: Download chart and table insights

    • Dashboard: View a chart insight as a table

    • Dashboard: Pin a Default Dashboard

    • Dashboard: Share access

    • Dashboard: Send it Now

    • Dashboard: Send to Data Destination

    • Dashboard: Schedule Delivery

    • Dashboard Runtime Filters: Introduction to User-defined Filters

    • Dashboard Runtime Filters: Using the Filter bar

    • Additional Resources

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    Personalize your dashboards

    • Personalize your dashboard: Select Insight

    • Personalize Your Dashboard: Edit Layout

    • Personalize Your Dashboard: Edit Insight Settings

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    Using Incorta with your business tools

    • External Integrations: From Microsoft Excel, connect to Incorta

    • External Integrations: From Microsoft Power BI, connect to Incorta

    • Additional Resources

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    What's next?

    • What's Next?