Perfect preparation for developing dashboards and real-time insights with Incorta.

Optimize With Business Insights

Relevant and rigorous training

Our business user and analyst course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and techniques necessary to rapidly load data, build dashboards, and produce immediate insights using Incorta.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Hands-on, project-based learning

Through a self-paced guided tours, students will master Incorta key concepts, terminology and topics for on the job success.
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Knowledge is Your Power

Audience prerequisites

This course requires student experience with data analysis. We recommend that students have familiarity with spreadsheet calculations and visualizations.


Course modules | Duration: Up to 3 hours

  • 1

    About Self-Paced Essentials (Free)

    • Welcome

    • Instructor Office Hours

    • Tips for using the Course Player

  • 2

    Your On Demand, Cloud VM

    • Ready, Set, and Go!

  • 3

    Modern Decision Tech that Powers Insights

    • Architecture Overview

  • 4

    Self-Service Analytics

    • Introduction to the Analytics Service UI

  • 5

    Schemas Made Easy

    • Designing Schemas

    • TOUR 01: Create a Data Source

    • TOUR 02: Create a Schema using the Schema Wizard

  • 6

    Easy Extract and Fast Ingest

    • Loading Data

    • TOUR 03: Load Data

  • 7

    Curiosity Explored

    • Exploring Data with the Analyzer

    • TOUR 04: Explore Data

  • 8

    Semantics, Focus, and Veracity

    • Designing Business Schemas

    • TOUR 05: Create a Business Schema

  • 9

    Keep Calm, Dashboard On!

    • Building Dashboards

    • TOUR 06: Building the Dashboard

  • 10

    Calculations Count!

    • Calculations with the Formula Builder

    • TOUR 07: KPI Calculations

  • 11

    Interactions Fuel Insights

    • Dashboard Filters, Prompts, and Variables

    • Reference: System Variables

  • 12

    What's Next?

    • Help pay it forward. Thank you!

    • What's Next?