The best preparation for building an end-to-end, analytical warehouse solution with real-time insights.

Modern Data Warehousing and Analytics

Relevant and rigorous training

Our administrator course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and techniques necessary to rapidly install, configure, monitor, secure, and manage Incorta.

Experience Builds Confidence

Hands-on, project-based learning

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive project-based labs, students will master Incorta key concepts, terminology and topics for on the job success.

Superheroes Wanted!

Audience prerequisites

Designed to serve the learning goals of database and data warehouse administrators, this course requires experience with bash shell, shell scripting, and SQL.

Although not required, we recommend that students have familiarity Python.

Data Warriors, Champions, and Visionaries

Professional certification for stardom

Incorta Certification establishes your leadership credentials and validates your expertise.

You can achieve Incorta certification by completing this course and by passing a certification exam. With a few clicks, you can easily add your digital certificate to your LinkedIn profiles.


Course modules

  • 1

    Details and Downloads

    • Welcome

    • BYOL and Software Requirements

    • Pre-training Assessment

  • 2

    Architecture Fundamentals

    • Architecture Overview

    • Standalone

  • 3

    Standalone Installation and Configuration

    • Standalone Pre-configuration Requirements

    • Command Line Installer

    • Silent Installation

  • 4

    Cluster Management Console

    • Incorta Node

    • Clusters

    • Loader Service Configuration

    • Analytics Service Configuration

    • Tenants

    • Cluster Configurations

    • SMTP Configuration

  • 5

    Cluster Installation

    • Cluster Pre-configuration Requirements

    • 4.5 LAB Create an Incorta Cluster

  • 6

    Managing Security

    • Managing Users and Groups

    • Object Permissions and Functionality

    • 4.5 LAB Runtime Security

  • 7

    Administration with the Incorta CLI and TMT

    • Tenant Management Tools

    • CLI Commands

    • Shell Scripts

    • Backup and Restore

  • 8

    Incorta and Apache Spark

    • Spark Configurations

    • Materialized View Properties

  • 9

    Monitoring and Performance Tuning

    • Troubleshoot with Logs

    • Memory Management

    • Monitoring tools

    • Incorta Metadata Database

    • Audit Schema and Dashboards

    • Inspector Tool

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